How to insert footnotes in Word 2013. Knowing how to insert footnotes in Word 2013 is an invaluable skill. Footnotes are useful, not only for citation purposes, but also for keeping track of the information in documents. If you know how to insert footnotes in Word 2013, you will easily be able to reference all the information in your word document with unparalleled ease. You can distinguish between footnotes and the rest of your document and format these two components of your Word 2013 document separately. If you want to insert footnotes in Word 2013, read the following step-by-step discussions.

Step 1: Launch Word 2013

Step 2: Open a document in which you want to insert footnotes

Step 3: Click on the References tab

picture 1

Step 4: Click on Insert Footnote and a footnote will be created where the blinking cursor was in your document

picture 2

Step 5: Type in the footnote reference next to the corresponding number in the footnotes section of the document. The footnotes section starts below the short horizontal line near the end of the page.

picture 3

Step 6: If you want to change the format or font of all the footnotes, just click anywhere in the footnotes section and press Ctrl and A on your keyboard to highlight all the footnotes. Make any necessary changes

picture 4

Step 7: Use the Footnotes panel in the References tab to jump from one footnote to the next. Remember that footnotes for a particular reference are always on the same page as the footnote number in the main text

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