You have seen how to create, edit and manage your WordPress posts, now let’s see how we can create a WordPress page. This is pretty similar to creating a WordPress post.

1. The first step to create a new WordPress page is to go to the navigation menu at your WordPress dashboard. Click on the option Add new. The page editor has similar options with some additional ones.


2. You will get an option to add title of your page. Once you add the title, add the content of the page.



3. The section Publish of the page editor is same as that for the posts. You can choose to save the draft, schedule the publishing of the page or publish it immediately.


4. There is a section for Page attributes that can be used to apply some template or parent page to the current page. Different hierarchies can be created while arranging the pages.



5. The next Template section is for applying a template to your page. WordPress themes provide you with some custom page templates that can be used.


6. There is an Order box that can help in order the pages numerically.

You can Preview the page once you are finished and then Publish the page. This page will be added to the WordPress site.